Gift Aid It!

Essential Needs has a system that enables us to collect Gift Aid on donations of goods we receive. This means we can claim additional money from the Government when the goods are sold.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs requirements are as follows:

  • You pay income tax and are willing to sign a Gift Aid declaration which the driver will give you. This will include your full name, address and postcode.
  • You must own the items donated.
  • We become your agents to sell or dispose of the goods on your behalf
  • We write to you advising of the proceeds we have raised from the item(s) and give you 21 days to respond. If we do not hear from you, we will deem that you wish to donate this to us, and we will collect Gift Aid on it.

Please do consider Gift Aiding the items to us. The extra revenue raised could help secure the long term future of the charity!

If you have donated items to us recently and would now like to Gift Aid the items to us, please download a copy of the declaration  (below) and send it in to us.

Essential Needs Gift Aid Declaration.doc (1305)

Essential Needs Gift Aid Declaration.pdf (1277)