Donating? FAQs

Things to Donate?  Frequently Asked Questions

 Why won’t you take the items I am offering which are in immaculate condition?

Only having a small warehouse our space is at a premium. We need to know that we stand a reasonable chance to find a home for the items we handle. Certain items, due to age, size, or style just aren’t in demand. Any items that contain fabric MUST have a label attached which proves it complies with the Furniture Furnishings Fire Safety Regs 1988.(eg beds, suites, dining chairs etc)

Are you able to move other furniture around in my house while you are collecting?

No. The men who collect do not have the time, and are not covered by insurance to move any of your other possessions. We cannot remove items out of your house if we cannot accept them for re-use.

Do you do house moves?

No, we are too busy collecting and delivering furniture for the core business of the charity.

Do you do house clearances?

We are pleased to be able to take items that we can re-use as part of a house clearance, but regret we cannot take other items.

Will you loan us something?

No it is something we are unable to do

Can I bring furniture and household goods to your warehouse?

Yes please. We do reserve the right to have a look at the items before accepting them. It is a great help to us if small items, bedding, curtains etc can be delivered, as it means the van can concentrate on handling the bigger items.

How can I Gift Aid my donation, I thought it only applied to cash donations?

We are able to receive furniture and claim gift aid from the government. You need to be a UK tax payer – see the Gift Aid section in the website.