Need Furniture? FAQs

Need Furniture? Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to register?

Either a referral form issued by a social worker, benefits agencies, housing association, ministers of religion , or some other welfare agency, or a relatively recent official document showing you receive any of the following: Income Support, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Pension Credit, Working Families Tax Credit, Social Fund Loan, NHS Exemptions Certificate, Job Seekers Allowance (a letter confirming its Income Based JSA – the signing on book is not acceptable proof.)

I get my benefit for life, why do I have to re-register every three months?

We need to make sure we are always helping people in receipt of benefits and circumstances can change.

How do I renew my card?

Just bring in a new referral form, or a relatively recent official document showing you are still in receipt of an approved benefit.

Why won’t you just renew my card without proof?

People’s circumstances change. We only ask to confirm people’s details four times a year, and by doing so it helps us to ensure we are always helping the people who need access to our service.

Will you just move some things around in my house while you are delivering?

No. The men who deliver do not have the time, and are not covered by insurance to move any of your other possessions, or remove items out of your house if we cannot accept them or have delivered a new item to you.

Will you swap items?

No. Once an item has left our warehouse we will not swap it unless it is covered by our guarantee.

What guarantee comes with the appliances?

Three months. But it is a replacement guarantee (when we are able) not a repair guarantee.

Will you loan us something?

No it is something we are unable to do.

How much does an item cost?

We publish a Price Guide to let everyone know the prices we charge. Occasionally certain special items might have a higher price as we need to take every opportunity to close the shortfall between income and expenditure, or we will not continue to operate.

Do we take plastic (Credit/Debit cards)?

With the demise of the Cheque Guarantee Card we have started to accept Debit Cards as an alternative to cash. We make a 50p charge to cover the cost of the transaction, and to make a contribution towards the cost of hiring the terminal. We DO NOT accept Credit Cards. The board took the decision that Credit Cards can lead people into debt; that it was not right for a charity trying to alleviate poverty to encourage credit card use.

Why do I need to sign for the items?

We can claim reuse credits from NYCC for diverting items from landfill. As part of this they require a signed receipt for their audit trail.

Can we pay for items after delivery?

No. Unfortunately, the few times we have extended the offer to people, due to exceptional circumstances, they have let us down and we don’t see the money.

Can you deliver to another address?

No, due to people in the past fraudulently trying to abuse the service, we can only deliver to the registered address.

Why do you charge for delivery?

Ever increasing fuel costs made us decide to implement a delivery charge, and as a result smaller deliveries have largely stopped because clients now take smaller items away with them. We rarely now have to deliver just 2 items of bedding!

Can I buy on my friend’s card?

No. The card is only valid for the person to whom it is registered because it is the only way we can ensure we are helping the people who need our service.

What happens if the furniture will not fit in my room/cannot get it into my house?

That regrettably is your responsibility. Please seek advice, or measure before you select the items and have them delivered.

Can’t you do things cheaper?

We sell the items for the lowest price we can. It costs us approximately £60,000 a year to run, and only raise about 80% of the money we need from the direct sale of goods.