How to Buy

Once registered you can then start to get items from us. You will come across three different labels, Price labels, Hold labels, and Sold labels.

The Price label not only has the price, but also tells you the category. A bed for example is a mattress and a base, three piece suite is a settee and two armchairs etc. so it is important to read the label to see what you are getting.

Hold labels are put on items that are to be held for a short amount of time – usually 24 hours. This give people chance to get the necessary proof to register, or check if the item will fit before parting with any money. If we do not hear from the person, the items are put back on sale the morning after the Hold date expires.

Sold labels are put on once a deposit has been paid.

Once you have selected the items, we can take a deposit, minimum £5, but then require full payment before the goods are delivered.

Due to a shortage of space we can only keep sold items for a maximum of two weeks, after this time we must deliver, or the items must be collected or they will be returned for sale.

If you are in need of white goods, – gas or electrical cookers, auto washers, fridges, freezers, tumble driers, toasters, kettles, lamps, etc then you need to find out if we know when the items will next be tested, phone up on the afternoon of the test to see if anything has passed the safety and function test, and then the items are released first come first serve any time after 8.30am the next morning.

Our stock is constantly changing. We collect and deliver Monday – Thursday, both morning and afternoons. Friday we reserve for deliveries only. People are also kind enough to deliver items to us at any time while we are open. Do keep in contact with us as many goods are in short supply – Double Beds, most of the white goods, and a lot of the furniture goes through feast and famine – we won’t have a wardrobe in for weeks, then we won’t be able to move for the things !!!

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