Please ensure someone is available to receive the goods, otherwise they will be returned to the warehouse. In this event, a further attempt at delivery will only be made on pre-payment of £10.00 at the store. If we do not hear from you within 7 days of the attempted delivery the items will be returned for sale, the original delivery fee forfeited and a £5 administration charge will be levied.

We will endeavour to deliver your goods into the required room provided there is nothing to impede our reasonable clear access, e.g. obstructions on the drive or furniture in the way. Failing clear access, the goods will be left in the first available space for you to move at your convenience.

Please also note that it is not our job to remove your old furniture out of your house, or out of the way, or to re-arrange the house contents. All requests to do this will be politely declined!

Please ensure you notify us of any changes to your delivery before 12 noon the previous day, as the van could be loaded in the afternoon for the next sessions deliveries.

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