Statistics about the work of Essential Needs

The Statistics. (2010/11)

    • 2460 items sold in the year, diverting 57598kg from landfill!
    • 2534 visits made across the district, to collect and deliver furniture and other household items.
    • An average of over 354 hours donated by the “hands on” volunteers each month – an “in kind” donation to us of £25191 pa (based on the minimum wage of £5.93ph).
    • 3427 clients on our database as at 31st March 2011 – 420 new clients signed up during the year.
    • We reused over 200 items of WEEE (electrical goods) saving over 7000kgs from going into the waste stream, but we had to scrap 84 appliances as they failed safety or function tests despite being told they were fully working.
    • We supplied over 400 sofa’s and armchairs, and over 350 beds.