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“However busy you seem to be you always have time for us, and nothing is too much trouble to ensure we make the right choices”


What is the ‘Essential Needs Re-use Furniture Project?

Essential Needs is a small, independent charity. It is a community based furniture store serving Harrogate and the surrounding district.

At Essential Needs we make available, for a modest charge, reasonable quality, clean furniture, household and electrical items, to people on low incomes or in receipt of income based benefit.

We try to provide a wide range of items: from pots and pans to bedding, from curtains to three-piece suites, all in reasonable condition; in essence, everything necessary to ‘turn an empty house into a home’.

We aim to help as many eligible people as we can, from those just starting out in their own home to those needing to replace worn out items.

Our Mission

  • To provide low cost furniture and household items to single people and families on low incomes or in receipt of income based benefit, who may be excluded from the traditional sources of furniture; we thus help them to gain stability and comfort in a house of which they can be proud
  • To minimise waste by recirculating furniture and household items
  • To contribute to the local community by assisting those in need of this kind of material support

Our Aims

  • To offer a caring, friendly and personal service
  • To respond to the changing social needs of our community and adapt our service accordingly
  • To support the community by offering a variety of work experiences for volunteers


To read about our history, simply click The History of Essential Needs (2260) to receive a comprehensive PDF document.


Essential Needs
Back Gladstone Street

Tel: 01423 870 040
Fax: 01423 870 040
e-Mail: martin@essentialneeds.org.uk


Opening Times
Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.30pm
Friday 9 to 11.45am


Essential Needs is a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 5312941
Registered Charity No. 1108046